Sofia Iordanidou

Sofia Iordanidou is an Associate Professor of Journalism and Communication at the Open University of Cyprus and the President of the «Advanced Media Institute, Applied Research in Communication and Journalism. Since 2011, the MA Communication and Journalism has been developed and is being offered at the OUC, under her responsibility. She is the publisher of “Dimosiografia” journal and the website manager of

She has worked many years in the field of Journalism and Communication Strategy. In New York, she worked for the Voice of America and was the White House correspondent for newspapers in Greece, as well as responsible for the Mondale pre- election campaign. In Athens, she was a journalist for both ERT and MEGA channels. Her extensive experience includes political consultancy and advisory to many companies in corporate communication. She also created the Department of Communication and Press Office for MEGA CHANNEL, where she was Director and established NETNEWS, S.A., the first television agency in Greece and NETRESULT, Ltd., a communication strategy company.

She studied Italian and English Language and Literature at CUNY acquiring a postgraduate degree majoring in Comparative Literature at CUNY. She received her PhD completing the thesis “The Pirandello in Greece” from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her scientific research focuses on a) journalism and the functioning of the Media, as well as the challenges posed by the transition to the digital age and the social media b) communication strategy and c) Media Literacy.

Leonidas Vatikiotis

Leonidas Vatikiotis studied Statistics and Insurance Science at the University of Piraeus. His doctoral dissertation, at the Department of Sociology of Panteion University (2008), was a study on the causes of the economic crisis of 1973.

He has been working in many media outlets as a journalist – analyst since 1991 with specialty on economy and foreign affairs. Since 2017 he is chief editor of the journal Dimosiografia (AMI).

He was the scientific editor of the following (among others) documentary films, Debtocracy (2011, about sovereign debt) Catastroika (2012, against privatizations), Fascism Inc. (2014, about the rise of fascism) and This is Not a Coup (2015, about Greek referendum) of Infowar – Aris Chatzistefanou.

He has translated in Greek the following books: Ian Gough, The political Economy of the Welfare State (Macmillan Publishers), John Martinussen, Society, State and Market, A Guide to Competing Theories of Development (Zed Books) and he contributed with others to the translation of The Routledge Dictionary of Twentieth Century Political Thinkers, ed. by Robert Benewick and Philip Green (Routledge).

He has taught at the School of National Defence of the Ministry of National Defence (2008-2011) and at the Varna Free University of Cyprus (2009-2015). Since 2017, he is the assistant of Director of studies at the Faculty of Environmental Planning and an adjunct member of academic staff of the Open University of Greece.

He has been elected five times (2004, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) at the boarding committee of the Economic Chamber of Greece.

Heleni Mavrouli

Eleni Mavrouli works as a journalist (reporter – editor) since 1994, specializing in international news (Middle East, North Africa, Arab – Muslim world in general and Europe, having also the experience of many journalistic missions in these parts of the world). She has worked mainly in written press (newspapers, magazines), online media and radio as a reporter but also as a radio producer. She received her Psychology Degree from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and she completed her PhD in the Social Policy Department of Panteion University of Athens (former Department of General Law). Her interests include the development of journalism on the Internet and the use of technological advances to find ways to ensure the sustainability of self – managed-ventures of journalists as a mean for the survival of journalists and journalism but also as an answer to the depreciation of major media and the profession of journalist.

Manos Takas

Emmanouil (Manos) Takas is an instructor in a private college in Athens in the fields of Communication, Methodology of Research, Political Sciences and Sociology. He studied Political Sciences in Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitate in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, where he completed his first Master͛s Degree in Comparative Politics and International Relations. His second Master͛s Degree was completed in Open University of Cyprus in the Department of Communication and Journalism and he is currently struggling with his Ph.D. in Social Psychology in Panteion University, Greece.

He is the executive director of Advanced Media Institute and the Coordinator of the Research Department. He has participated in international and national conferences. He has published several articles in scientific journals and he is also the author of the e-monograph ͚Who͛s to blame? Cognitive Biases in Attributing Responsibility͛ published by the Advanced Media Institute.

Antonis D. Papayiannides

Antonis D. Papayiannides was born in Athens in 1953. He is married to Arietta Pantelaki and they have two children, Demetris and Andreas. He studied Law, Economics-International Relations, as well as Medieval History in Athens and Strasbourg (DEA Droit Europeen, DIHEE). As a lawyer, he had been occupied with entrepreneurship and European law.Furthermore, he undertook a counselling role for cases regarding the European Union, appointed by the ministries of Finance, External Affairs and Culture. He is a member at the Journalists͛ Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers, having an advisory role. He was also a communication consultant for the Bank of Greece (1999-2000). As a journalist, Antonis D. Papayiannides also worked for a range of newspapers such as ͚Vima͛, ͚Ikonomikos Tachidromos͛, ͚Eleftherotipia͛, ͚Imerisia͛, ͚Ikonomiki Epitheorisi͛ and ͚Naftemporiki͛. Back in 2008, he was the director of ͚Eletheros Tipos͛. He is the co-owner of the publishing houses POLIS and Metamesonichties Ekdosis.

Christos Avramidis

Christos Avramidis is a PHD candidate in Panteion University. His main research fields are Communication and Political Sociology. Christos has worked in many different Media and has also worked as a freelancer in research reportage. Moreover he holds a Master in Political Science in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has participated in a research program for the “integration of Roma children in the Greek educational system”. In the past he also had presented papers in conferenced about critical education. Furthermore he has carried out researches about Political Poetry of the 20th century. In the last years he has covered the relationship between mining investments and the violation of human right. While apart from from those he has conducted researches by using Content Analysis and Discourse Analysis. Especially in the interaction between media and the Refugees’ Issue. He collaborates with the research program “Debt Free” and he approaches Issues that have to do with the relationship between debt-Media and social movements.

Michael Panayiotakis

Michael Panayiotakis received a BSc in Physics from the University of Athens and a MSc in Theoretical Physics from the University of Crete.

He has worked and is currently involved as a consultant, as Information Architect and Project Manager in Web Development and Corporate Web projects as well as participating as a freelancer in digital research projects, over the past 20 years.

He was a columnist in the Greek Edition of Monthly Review Magazine (Μηνιαία Επιθεώρηση) and a journalist and web advisor in the Greek edition of the Economist. He has written in the popular Athenian free press newspaper Metropolis and worked as webmaster and contributor in the daily Avgi. He is currently a contributor and a member of the editorial team of Dimosiografia magazine (Greek affiliate of the Columbia Journalism Review). He was co-author of a Social Media handbook for the Communication and Journalism graduate program of the Open University of Cyprus.

In government he has worked as an IT advisor in the General Secretariat for the Coordination of government Work in Greece and also as an IT advisor to the Director of the Supplementary Pension Fund (ΕΤΕΑΕΠ). He is currently serving as President of the Board of the National Quality Infrastructure System, Greece (ΕΣΥΠ)

He was one of the first political bloggers in Greece (in Greek and English), a member of the European collective blog European Tribune and has participated in many events and initiatives related to social media and citizen journalism.

He was a member of the SYRIZA web campaign team for the 2014 European election and the January 2015 parliamentary election, Co- Coordinator of Alexis Tsipras, Social Media campaign for President of the European Commission and Co-administrator of Alexis Tsipras English language Twitter and Facebook accounts (2014 – 2015).

Despoina Fouska

Despoina Fouska was born in Athens, Greece and lives in Larnaca, Cyprus. She studied Political Science and Public Administration at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She holds a Master’s Degree in “Communication and New Journalism”, at the Open University of Cyprus. She is a content writer and translator and has worked as a communication consultant for the Secretariat General of Information and Communication, Greece. Her scientific interests include social media, content management and digital media.

Aris Chatzistefanou

Aris Chatzistefanou is a journalist, author and filmmaker. He studied Political Sciences and Public Administration in the University of Athens. He has worked as a journalist for several international media like BBC World Service, Al Jazeera and The Guardian and as a commentator in various Greek media. He is the creator of the weekly radio show Info-war, director of five award winning documentaries and author of three books. In his capacity as a journalist and filmmaker he has travelled to more than 60 countries interviewing head of states, academics and artists.

Thanos Tsantas

Thanos Tsantas works in visual communications and has an extensive resume as a director of photography. He has filmed and produced numerous short documentaries for organisations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Médecins du Monde, as well as for international media outlets. He is the leading artistic force behind Infowar Productions, the creators of TV series Infowar (2008) and full-length documentaries Debtocracy (2011), Catastroika (2012), Fascism Inc. (2014) and This is not a Coup (2016). His latest projects, Traces (direction) and Make the Economy Scream (post production), were premiered at the 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

Foula Farmakidi

Foula Farmakidi is a graduate from the Department of Economics of the University of Crete and holds an MSc in Development Economics from the University of London, SOAS. Her scientific focus was foreign direct investments in developing economies, causes and implications. In the first eight years of her work experience, she worked as an executive in the maritime sector and later as a business consultant. At the moment, she is the project manager in Debt Free Project, which part of the Citizens 4 Financial Justice network and is funded from the European Commission’s Development Education and Awareness Raising ProgrammeDEAR. 

Nerina Kioseoglou

Nerina Kioseoglou holds a B.A. in English from the American College of Greece (Deree College) and a Master 2 in Conference Interpreting from the University of Strasbourg. Since 1994, she has been working as a translator and copy editor for publishers (Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, Alexandreia Editions, Gutenberg Editions, Pataki Editions, Olkos Editions, Kritiki Editions, Nefeli Editions, Metamesonykties Editions, Kathimerini) and the Press, and as conference interpreter (EL-EN-TR).